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We have found… most couples have a live band, DJ or both to play at their wedding or civil partnership. Other bands often only light the stage, and very often totally neglect the rest of the venue space. We offer lighting solutions for this very purpose. This can take the form of: Lighting architectural features, up lighting around the room, one of our packages also offers subtle colour change options throughout the evening, highlight trees or shrubbery, add temporary mirror balls, spot lights, framing features and even provide you with a follow spot and crew.

The vast majority of our equipment uses LED technology; this means the lights are child friendly, as they don’t get hot, they use less power consumption, and are very pretty too.
If you are not having a DJ, we can use some clever tech, to arrange all the tunes you want with no gaps! So no leaving your guests standing there at the end of a song!

We have also created surprise-wedding dances for couples. If you require we can also supply one of our very own in house DJs for your event.

You may use our sound system for announcements or speeches, however we request that you let us know in advance so we can fully accommodate your timings and requirements. At some very large weddings we have put in three sound systems: One in the bar, one for speeches and one for the band.

No weddings are the same! So if there is anything you would like us to provide, just ask!


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