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what we do - event lighting

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Using the latest in LED technologies, our lighting systems offer highly effective solutions for many applications.

LEDs are also child-friendly, as they don’t get hot. Plus, they use less power and look great, too.

Depending on your event space and plan, we will pick out the key features and help light any specific requirements you may have such as the stage or dance floor. Our experienced technicians will also safely light access areas so they are safe for you and your guests to move around in.

We can provide projection and vision mixers for some truly wonderful visuals. These can be captured live by our film crew or taken from film. We project on to one of our screens or depending on the event space we can project directly on to walls and ceiling areas.

We can light architectural features or provide up lighting around the room, which can make an event feel warm and give a great vibe.

One of our packages offers subtle colour change options throughout your event. We love to highlight trees and shrubbery with nice greens, add temporary mirror balls, set spot lights, flood light car parks, frame features and can even put your event or business name in lights.

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