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what we do - event sound

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So you’ve got the venue…

Now you need to be able to clearly hear your speaker, band or sound source. We supply and operate a range of sound systems that will relieve you of the hassle and stress that can come with trying to organise an array of technical audio equipment.

Depending on the event space and number of people in attendance, we will provide a system that is powerful enough to produce a clear and full sound.

We often cater for bands and live music and are equipped with a full range of microphones, mixing desks, leads, radio microphones, recording equipment, speakers, subwoofers, back line amplification, drums and percussion, outboard effects, graphic EQs and monitoring equipment. We can also support CDs, mini discs or mp3 players.

From large-scale outdoor events to intimate singer-songwriter gigs in a small club, we can get the mix right for you and for the audience.

All of our equipment is in great condition so it looks the part. It’s also undergone a portable appliance test (PAT) so you can have complete peace of mind that everything we supply is completely safe.

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